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Meet the team that works hard to bring excellence to you every day. Learn a bit about each of us here.

recent work

Recent Work

Take a look at some of our work to get an idea of what we can do.

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Bel Jean Copy/Print is a locally owned and operated full-service copy and print shop in Athens, GA.

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Oconee Heights is a suburban neighborhood (based on population density) located in Athens, Georgia.

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Athens Bone and Joint Orthopedic Clinic has been treating patients in Athens and the surrounding areas for almost a decade.

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With their members’ best interest in mind, Members First seeks innovative ways to grow and deliver financial services that meet the changing needs of members at every stage of life.

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Town & Gown Players, Inc. has been producing live theatre for the Athens community continuously since 1953.

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Case studies

The RIS core is the practice management system for a radiology facility. This is the system that allows the facility to manage the flow of patients through the business and manages the following top level items: scheduling, registration, patient handoff to the tech, insurance, precertifications, and some aspects of billing.

our approach

Our Approach

Here's how we generally do things around here. We've put a lot of thought into this process.

Developing inspired web-apps, websites, and mobile apps.

Developing a solid strategy is the most important thing we do on any project. Strategy dictates the direction, method, velocity, team, process, and every other aspect of a project. Without a well conceived strategy, very few projects will be truly successful.

our blog

Our Blog

We cover a variety of interesting web and technology-related topics to pique your interest.

The Peabody Awards: A New Site, A New Face

If asked to describe the Peabody Awards three years ago, one might have used one of these words: prestigious, academic,...

Stop procrastinating by watching this video on how to stop procrastinating... then actually stop.

Stop procrastinating! Or keep procrastinating, depending on how you look at it. Want to stop procrastinating, but want to procrastinate just...

Learning to Code with Liz Norton

This is the third entry in our “Learn to Code” series. You can find our other entries over here. In...

Learning to Code with Travis Douce

This is the second entry in our Learning to Code series. Travis Douce got into programming while working in the field...

Working Out Regularly Makes You a Better Business Owner

Our CEO Jason is always working out. Even though his schedule is slammed, almost every day he finds time to...

Want to Learn Code?

Our sister company, the project scoping startup BrainLeaf, recently ran a story by freelance web designer Laurence Bradford, who chronicles her...


Our Values

Check out what is important to us. It's what we strive for every day.

Innovation It is through the understanding of our limitations combined with our lofty goals that we devoted our attention to being innovative in our software, our designs and our methods of problem-solving.

Integrity We are proud enough to put our name on every piece of work we produce. We are strong enough to invite criticism and question to every aspect of our business and our work. We are modest enough to admit our faults and shortcomings. We are smart enough to be honest and direct with every client we work with, even in the face of opposition.

Accountability We are a service-based busines that focuses on people and the trust they give us. It is through our constant attentiveness to and presence with our clients that we maintain that trust.

Passion The passion to develop our skills, our technology and our lives. We do what we do because we love it. Developing websites is only second to meeting new and interesting people and helping them meet their goals with our skills.

Perseverance As some of our clients will attest to, we do not give up when we encounter an obstacle. If there is one important thing that we have learned from building our business from the very bottom rung it is that nothing worthwhile has come without a battle.




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Nathan Rodriguez


Nathan got his start in web design by learning to manually write HTML to build an Inspector Gadget fansite which became wildly popular and solidified Nathan's love of creating and sharing online. After deciding against following his dreams of being a veterinarian due to a hellish internship at a vet's office, Nathan decided he was fortunate to choose a hobby that could be profitable and turned his web and graphic design skills into a career. He has been a full-time designer, in web and print, since 2004. Nathan enjoys photography, live music, cold beer, good friends, spontaneity, road-trips and video games. At the same time if possible.


Vlad Bartusica

Account Executive, Developer

Coming from an old lunar dynasty, he’s investing with new meanings and values every word is saying. He’s an aristocrat and he loves technology.


Ovidiu Marchitan


Ovidiu is one of our key developers. He is passionate about creating and delivering well-constructed applications that are easy to maintain as well as meet the client's operational needs.


Bryan Flores

Business Development

Hi! My name is Bryan Flores I am a techie to the core with over 18 years of working with websites and computers I truly found my home with JH Media Group. My focus is on building relationships and providing helpful scoping and development options!


Lucas Lopvet

Account Executive, Designer

Lucas originates from the picturesque town of Rugney located in Northeastern France. His lifelong interest in visual art began during early childhood. Today his areas of expertise include graphic design, web design and logo design as well as children's book illustrations. Lucas's whimsical style, technical skill and attention to detail can be seen in all of his work.

Lucas and his wife Madalena met while living in Cusco, Peru and were later married on a small island in the Puget Sound. The couple moved to Athens in 2007 so Madalena could obtain her PhD in Anthropology at UGA. In his free time Lucas plays pickup soccer, reads novels and listens to music. Damien is Lucas's fraternal twin brother.


Rochelle Long

Office Manager, Billing

With her many years of experience in the business world and with her understanding of the needs of businesses and executive directors of all types companies, Rochelle is a valued account manager for clients of JHMG. She is known for her attention to detail and her understanding of the needs of all types of businesses in relation to web design and functionality. She is most passionate about completing a project that satisfies the goals for which it was developed and seeing the results of that project. With her background as a CPA and years of entrepreneurship, Rochelle has a strong understanding of business fundamentals and knows what it takes to make both small and large businesses successful.

Rochelle lives in Athens, Georgia and moved there with her husband to be closer to their children. Then as children often do, they moved away, but Rochelle & her husband stayed. When she is not swimming laps at the Ramsey pool, Rochelle can be found gardening or enjoying her one dog and 10 ducks. The eggs are just an added incentive.

Rochelle is on the board of directors for the Athens Conflict Center and she holds a Bachelors degree with a major in accounting from the University of Georgia in Athens. She worked as a CPA for numerous years for a large CPA firm in Georgia where she learned how to negotiate the business world.

With her background as a CPA, Rochelle is a perfect match for the billing department for JHMG.


Jason Long

Account Executive, CEO

Here at J H Media, I work as the CEO. I still do a little bit of the creative work as well if necessary. On top of that, I support our top notch team of managers to get your project done within your budget and on time. Finally, if you ever have a problem with something here at J H Media Group, call me directly. I always want to know how we can make things better. Thanks for your interest in J H Media!


Jason Long

Business development, social media marketing

Jason Davis is a self-taught web developer with over a decade of experience building websites. With a degree in Public Relations and experience running a web design business, Jason is uniquely suited to execute on digital marketing campaigns focused on delivering direct results, including increased revenue. Jason has the ability to understand complex businesses and build campaigns for clients with business-to-business marketing needs.


Matt McCoy

Assoc. Account Executive, Support

Matt is from Acworth, Georgia and is pursuing a degree in Computer Science from the University of Georgia. His areas of expertise are programming, back-end design, and website security. His experience with websites goes back to his early years of high school where he designed and operated multiple websites for non-profit organizations.

When he's not studying or coding sites, Matt enjoys playing guitar, going to concerts, and cheering on the bulldogs. Matt will graduate in May 2015.


John Castellucci

Account Manager

John is from Cumming, Georgia and is one of our project managers. His interest in coding originated in elementary school, where he won second place in a science fair by programming his own basic computer game. His professional background is in database management, report design, process improvement, and product training. He is passionate about delivering quality products and exceeding customer expectations.

In his spare time John enjoys spending time with his wife. He also enjoys cooking, dancing, and spending time with family.



Office Greeter

With 11 years of experience as the JH Media Group’s professional greeter, Georgia takes great pride in every new warm and welcoming experience she presents. From smiles to licks, with the occasional jump in place and even a bark every now and then, she ensures that every person coming in the door knows that they are at home and welcome. In what little spare time she has, she enjoys ensuring that the couch does not float away by her constant commitment to hold it down. Other endeavors include chasing mice at the family farm, keeping deer from eating the crops, and protecting against the intrusion of UPS, US Postal Service, and FedEx intruders, who receive the most distressed of warnings against entry.


Ansley Fender

Account Executive, Content Developer

Ansley grew up in a family full of business entrepreneurs. When dreams of theater stardom didn't work as planned, she obtained an English degree from Valdosta State University. Soon after graduation, she struck out on a mission: to be a successful writer. By 20, she had used her experience in journalism, marketing, and sales to properly sell her knack for content writing and web design. Starting small, she worked on Facebook marketing for local businesses before learning how to build whole web sites and social media systems single handedly.

Now, at 26, she specializes in social media utilization, content development, and project management. She says that interacting with people in order to achieve their vision and goals is her favorite part of this career.

If she's not behind her computer screen, chances are you can find her enjoying the Athens scene or out and about with her friends and dog, Stella.


Zach Alig

Account Executive, Support Lead

Zach has a fine-arts background and an intimate understanding of design. Trained at the Savannah College of Art and Design, and equipped with years of practice at front-end coding, he has handled some of our most demanding accounts.
He lives in Atlanta with his fiance and a gang of ridiculous pets and is passionate about Open Source initiatives, game design, sketching and electronics.

While his bookshelves are stuffed with fine literature, design, and barely used philosophy books, he mostly reads B-grade sci-fi paperbacks.